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MCSHRM Scholarships

    MCSHRM Scholarship Information 

    Applications for the 2015 MCSHRM Scholarship are now closed.  Look for details on the 2016 scholarship in May 2016.

    Purpose: The MCSHRM Scholarship is designed to attract and retain academically qualified scholars to the field and to recognize and encourage excellence in students preparing or participating in the Human Resource (HR) profession.

    Principal Donation: $2,000 will be awarded to one undergraduate or graduate student pursuing a career in the Human Resource field. The winner will be announced at the September meeting. This award will be presented on an annual basis

    Who is Eligible: To be considered for this scholarship:

    You must have a current SHRM membership as of July 1, 2015. SHRM Professional, General, Associate, or Student members are eligible for this program. Preference will be given to an individual who is an active member in the MCSHRM chapter.

    You must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program pursuing an undergraduate, masters or doctorate degree in an HR-related field (includes business, psychology, organizational development, etc.) through an accredited institution of higher learning, show promise in the field of Human Resource Management, and possess excellent leadership skills.

    Full-time, part-time, online and distance learning programs are acceptable. Scholarships are for college degree programs only, and may not be used to attend professional development seminars.

    You must be accepted and ready to begin your studies within six months following notification of the award. Scholarship recipients will be required to provide evidence of acceptance or enrollment in an HR-related program of study in order to claim their award. Applicants who have already completed their studies are not eligible for this award and may not apply for a scholarship to cover past expenses.

    You must be a resident of the DC Metro Area (Maryland, Virginia, or Washington DC) or enrolled in an accredited institution of higher learning in the DC Metro Area (Maryland, Virginia, or Washington DC)

    Each scholarship is a one-time award; however previous applicants and past scholarship recipients are eligible to re-apply.

    How to Apply: To apply for this scholarship, just complete and submit the online application. It includes contact information and a series of short questions about your volunteer experience and your career aspirations. You will also be asked to upload a copy of your transcripts, a current resume, and a letter of recommendation.

    Recommendation letter should be addressed to the “MCSHRM Scholarship Review Committee” and should provide insight into your character, career and volunteer accomplishments, work ethic, values and need for the scholarship.

    Timeline: Applications must be completed and submitted online by August 15, 2015. All applicants will be notified of the scholarship results at our September chapter meeting. Scholarship checks will be distributed by the end of the year, and sent directly to the college or university on behalf of the student.